Menagerie Opening Night

Last night we celebrated the opening of MENAGERIE. I am sincerely humbled by the enthusiasm and support of all the party animals & art lovers that came out to get wild in the name of ART. It takes an entire ecosystem to create this creative MENAGERIE and I couldn't have done it alone.
Tremendous thanks to our hosts Amalgam and the founders Jared Circosta & Ned Wallroth. For their wild idea of co-habitating their digital branding agency studio with an art gallery. I look forward to continuing to create at the intersection of design, technology and art! 
Thank you to Queen Julie for taking on every challenge with a smile, muscle and grace. Vaclav Sipla for scaling those 15 foot walls and illuminating the gallery. Bombay Sapphire you bring the spirit to the arts! Perrier for keeping us cool and effervescent. Todd Mazer for his keen eye and kind soul. Gina DeWolfe & Anna Stablerfor helping me raise the sun. My cousin Noah Warren for helping to write the exhibition statement and making sense of my intuitions.

And last but not least all of the artists in the exhibition. Thank you for creating. You provoke us to think deeper and connect with our carnal and creative selves in new ways. It is a great honor to co-mingle your art in the gallery and we certainly wouldnt have any reason to celebrate without you. Thank you Juan Travieso, Federico Uribe with Adelson Galleries Boston, Shelley Reed, Jordan Piantedosi, Rebecca Larios, Mitch Weiss, Forêt Design and especially my papi Enrique Flores-Galbis. 
                        In Creativity & Gratitude, 
                                                Your humble curator Olivia