What is Gallery oh?

GALLERY OH  is a gallery featuring curated selections of original artwork by contemporary artists. Artworks can be seen and purchased URL or IRL*.

*(Online or In Real Life)


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What is Uprise Art?

  • Uprise Art is an online gallery featuring a curated collection of original artwork by contemporary artists.


Uprise Art Installment Plan

Orders, Shipping & Returns

    • How do I know my artwork is authentic and one of a kind?
    • All artwork on the site, including “Art Under $800”, are artist originals or limited-edition photographs and prints. Upon purchase, each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
    • What is a limited edition photograph or print?
    • An edition is a limited run of a specific piece of artwork. For example, a photograph with an edition of 5 means that only 5 prints of that artwork will ever be printed.
    • How are the dimensions listed?
    • We list our dimensions with the height first, then the width. All dimensions include framing, where applicable.
    • How is my artwork framed?
    • All artwork arrives ready-to-hang. Typically, paintings on canvas and sculptural works are unframed. You can find out if your art is framed on the artwork detail page.For framed works, prices listed include archival-quality custom framing.Each piece of artwork is a one-of-a-kind original and the sizes listed are the framed dimensions and are approximations. Final framed dimensions may vary by up to 2” on the width or the height.If the space where your artwork will be placed requires a very specific size, let us know when you are placing your order. If you have special framing requests, click “View Cart” on the upper right side of the website and enter your notes into the “special instructions” area. We’ll do our best to accommodate.
    • Are the colors exactly as they appear on my screen?
    • We work hard to ensure that all images are displayed accurately; however, your screen resolution, model, and brightness may reflect subtle variations from the actual artwork.
    • Do I need to insure my artwork?
    • When purchasing new valuables such as laptops, jewelry, and artwork, it’s always wise to check with your renters insurance or homeowners insurance to make sure the specific items are covered by your policy.
    • Can I see Uprise artwork in person?
    • Check out the Visit section of the website to learn more about Uprise Art’s upcoming events & exhibitions. You can also email us at hello@upriseart.com to request a viewing.
    • How does the Installment Plan work?
    • With our installment plan, you can live with original art now, while purchasing over time.Artwork in the “Discover” section can be purchased outright, or through simple monthly installments, interest-free. Artwork in the “Art Under $800” section can only be purchased outright. See the full Terms of Use for more information.We offer two Installment Plan options:
      • Example $1200
      • Art $1k+
      • Art $1k & under
      • Option 1
      • $50/mo
      • 5% of list price/mo
      • $60/mo for 20 months
      • Option 2
      • 10% of list price/mo
      • 10% of list price/mo
      • $120/mo for 10 months
      Artwork under $500 from the Discover section can only be purchased in full or through $50/mo installments.
    • Is the frame included in the Installment Plan?
    • When you select an Installment Plan during checkout, your monthly payments apply to the list price, which includes both the artwork and the frame, where applicable. To find out if your art is framed, visit the artwork detail page.
    • When do I receive my certificate of authenticity?
    • Once an artwork is purchased in full through installments, you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity and your bill of sale (receipt).
    • Does the installment plan include tax?
    • Sales tax (applicable in NY and FL) is added to each installment.
    • When are shipping or delivery charged?
    • Shipping or delivery are billed at the time of checkout.
    • Can I purchase multiple pieces of artwork with different installment plans?
    • Yes. We offer two installment plan options for artwork in the Discover section. Upon checkout, you can select which plan you would like for each individual piece of artwork.
    • Can I pay for my installment plan with a check or bank wire?
    • The installment plan option is only available for payment through credit or debit card.
    • How do I place an order?
    • To place an order online, add artwork to your cart and proceed to checkout. During checkout you will have the chance to select your billing and shipping preferences, as well as include any special notes (such as if your purchase is a gift, or if you’d like the work to be shipped internationally).
    • Can I pay by check or by wire?
    • During checkout you can choose to pay by check or bank wire. You will receive an order confirmation email as soon as your payment has been received.
    • Do you offer installation services?
    • We have a network of installers and would be happy to connect you with a local installer. To request installation services, include a note in the special instructions section of your cart before proceeding to checkout. We will reach out to you after your order is placed to coordinate.For large orders, such as corporate, trade, and hospitality projects, art handling and installation will be coordinated by your dedicated Uprise Art advisor. Contact advisors@upriseart.com to get started.Collectors are responsible for all installation costs.
    • How is shipping calculated?
    • Shipping rates depend on packed artwork dimensions, distance, and artwork value. For shipping artwork smaller than 48” x 6” x 72” from the Discover section, rates are calculated upon checkout. For shipping artwork larger than the noted dimensions, we will email you a custom quote following checkout. All artwork from the Art Under $800 section ships for free!
    • How long does framing & shipping take?
    • Artwork arrives approximately 2-3 weeks after your order is confirmed. If you would like your artwork to arrive sooner, please include a note in the special instructions upon checkout and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
    • Do you offer international shipping?
    • Yes! Select your country at checkout and we will send along the shipping quote for your approval before the work is ordered.You can also contact us directly at orders@upriseart.com or +1 (917) 727-8858 to place your order.
    • Do you accept returns?
    • All sales are final.
    • What if my piece arrives damaged?
    • While occasional damage by FedEx, USPS, and art handlers in transit is out of our control, we are happy to work with you to resolve these issues if damage does occur.