ARTcetera '18



Boston’s biennial Contemporary art fair benefitting AIDS Action, invites you to discover international talent and ground-breaking art at The Castle at Park Plaza.


ARTcetera boasts unique surprises and an elegant, raucous art auction featuring 200+ art works. GALLERY OH! is proud to partner with ARTcetera - the premier Contemporary Art Auction benefiting AIDS Action in their mission of getting to zero deaths, zero new infections and zero stigma by 2030. GALLERY OH! founder Olivia Ives-Flores, lead the charge as Curatorial Chair gathering 200+ original artworks for the auction with the all-start jury of Curators, Advisors, Museum Directors & Interior Designers.

Brought to life by Rafanelli Events, ARTcetera remains one of Boston’s best venues for art acquisition and one of the city’s best parties. The finest art institutions and curators in Boston and beyond contribute work to this important cause. Together with the dedicated host committee, they bring together intrepid entrepreneurs, bright new art world stars, and top philanthropists to support this vital organization.

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AIDS Action is New England’s largest provider of services to people living with HIV/AIDS and populations at risk of infection. AIDS Action leads the state’s Getting To Zero Coalition, which seeks to reduce the number of HIV infections to zero and operates a needle exchange that serves as an entry point to healthcare services for active substance users.

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ARTcetera offers a dynamic array of contemporary art by emerging and established artists with a will to change the world.


Olivia Ives-Flores