ARTIST Juan Travieso

SIZE 36" x 36"

MEDIUM Acrylic on wood panel

YEAR 2015

FRAMED Unframed

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Travieso presents the reality of a world in transition.

This compassion for the vulnerable and voiceless has clear political affinities for Travieso, relating to his personal experiences growing up in Communist Cuba where persecution for perceived dissent was a constant threat and the silencing of censorship unavoidable.

Perhaps in keeping with this tendency to combine oppositions like freedom and constraint, Travieso depicts the lawlessness and diversity of nature at odds with the enforced geometry of human constructs.

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CREDIT : Dillon Buss

CREDIT : Dillon Buss

Meet the Artist

Juan Travieso (born Havana, Cuba 1987), is an artist based in Miami and New York. His work explores notions of impermanence and decay through a combined language of pop, realism, and abstraction. Figures, be them humans or animals, are broken up into spaces and forms much like 3d models, speaking to both their temporality and transition into the digital age.  Travieso transposes his work on endangered animal species with works relating to his own childhood and experiences growing up in Cuba.

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