ARTIST Enrique Flores-Galbis

SIZE 48" x 48"

MEDIUM Oil on canvas

YEAR 2018

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“This ongoing series of paintings began before the first return to my birthplace, my magnetic center, the island of Cuba.

Painted from memories, these images were tinged by the longings and emotions that this landscape evokes in the heart of an exile. The first images, painted from memories, were tinged by the longings and emotions that this landscape evokes in the heart of an exile.

These images did not come into the studio fully formed and asking to be painted. Rather, they bubbled up and then coalesced into a narrative when these messy notions and feelings were plugged into, and then shaped by the physical constraints and peculiarities of my chosen media. The alchemic process functioned as both antenna and lightning rod to focus and materialize electrical impulses– memory and fact. Although each painting presented as a surprise, they were carefully tuned to create viable narrative structures that directly communicate rather than vaguely resonate.”

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Meet the Artist

Enrique Flores-Galbis (b. 1952) is a landscape and portrait painter. Born in Havana, Cuba, he left in 1961 with Operation Pedro Pan, arriving in South Florida at the age of 9. Also a novelist, his award-winning book 90 Miles to Havana was based on the events that led to his departure and the life he encountered in the U.S.

A portrait and landscape painter, his work can be found in museum, corporate, university, and private collections throughout the country. His paintings have been accepted into the top annual national juried exhibitions and has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

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