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About the Artist

Jordan Piantedosi is an interdisciplinary maximalist artist based in Boston.  She paints in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, she designs bizarre textiles for narrative-driven fashion collections created in collaboration with artist/designer/reality TV star Erin Robertson, and she writes and illustrates comics for Perfect Stars, a website she began in high school and has maintained with sporadic determination for twelve years.  Her maniacal work explores humor, glamor, and adventure, with a brazen & campy ethos inspired by underground comics, high fashion, anime, video games, drag queens, biology & particle physics, top 40 hip-hop, and late nights endlessly browsing memes, nursing an entire jar of teddy peanut butter. 


I’m not the most organized person. As a kid I would spend 2 hours on my homework & then forget to bring it to school. I’ve always been really determined to become a full-time, professional artist, and I was raised to know that the biggest obstacle would always be financial.

SO. While I was at Mass ArtI would take commissions, take studio visits & make sales, apply for prizes that came with cash, etc - and I paid off about half of my student loans WHILE I was in school. One of my liberal arts teachers told me I had no discipline. That made me laugh - OF COURSE my discipline didn’t show up in essays I was required to write about gothic architecture!

I had prioritized my studio practice & gave myself permission to write a crap essay. The trick was to write it by hand first, so didn’t have the ability to rework any phrases over and over, and then have a beer. I really dislike beer, and the bad flavor helps me channel the ideology and process of a person without literary scruples.

Anyways. Sometimes the shabby hack job frees up your time & energy so you can get back to the studio and PAINT!!! I’m proud of my crap essays. Crap is the wind beneath my wings! I’m so happy to be in the studio every day for nine or ten hours. I love my art & I pour my entire self in there & lose my mind. The edges of my consciousness blur & time curls up. I wake up happy




CREDIT: Jordan Piantedosi & PAOM fellowship project. A fashion philosophy for femme slobs.

Video - Dillon Buss Animation - Jack Quinn Photos - Zach Lanoue Makeup - Michaela Bosch Models - Rebecca Larios, Danielle Butler, Kai Diluvio, Miles Grover, and Erin Robertson Music - by Giant Octopus


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