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About the Artist

illesha Khandelwal (b. 1995, Mumbai, India) lives and works in both Boston, USA and Mumbai, India. She is a Presidential Scholarship Recipient and BFA candidate in Photography at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston.

Her work suggests a kind of psychology of geography – an unfixed landscape that you alter by your very presence. Is experiencing someone’s memory of a place the same as physically being there? Which is more real? She is interested in the way the absence of a place becomes a presence, and suggesting what this may look like in the multiverse.

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It seems almost impossible to continue to make art without thinking about the current crisis in America.

It has become explicit that the crisis is not in fact political in nature, but rather a humanitarian one. At this time of pain, illesha Khandelwal has fabricated a world in which The Other is celebrated. Portraits of the women of Mumbai float alongside images of the places they meander through. Her work urges you to surrender all power to these women, to allow yourself to feel enveloped in their world, and lose yourself in their memories.


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