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Feda Eid is a Lebanese-American visual artist and stylist from Boston, Massachusetts. Her work explores the expression of heritage, tradition, culture, identity and the often tense but beautiful space between what is said, what is felt, and what is lost in translation. She captures these emotions through her bold use of color, textiles, adornment and pop culture linking the past and present. As the daughter of Lebanese parents who fled the country's civil war in 1982, Feda is guided by her family's American journey and her own childhood growing up as a Muslim in the US. She believes in the telling of personal narratives to broaden our perspectives and to ultimately help us feel the universal emotions that connect us all. 

Feda has a BA in Sociology from Regis College and studied photography at New England School of Photography. Her work has been exhibited throughout Boston and New York City.


For centuries civilizations have intertwined whether it was by trade, colonization, wars or love. As a result, the stories of our DNA can be traced all around the world.

This series explores the threads embedded into us through our heritage, the layers we shed and adopt, and ultimately how we recreate and share them in our own individual way. This unique expression is a beauty that is a gift to this world. It has the power to change our perspectives on one another, and in doing so, unifying and strengthening us as a whole.

The images in this fashion series are a visual representation of the beauty of being all mixed up. It includes traditional folk elements from different parts of the world including Eastern Europe, Central and South Asia, North and West Africa, and across the Middle East. They are brought together and reimagined in a modern way through makeup, styling and drawn on symbolic illustrations inspired by these cultures. The models are of mixed backgrounds, further solidifying and embracing the concept of finding beauty in the collision of different backgrounds.


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